West Virginia Esperanto Club

Saluton kaj bonvenon!

(Hello and welcome!)

What is Esperanto?

Esperanto is an expressive, flexible language created for international communication. It is regular, consistent, and logical, without a bunch of exceptions to remember.

Esperanto isn’t meant to replace anyone’s native language; it’s a shared second language that enables people from different backgrounds to meet on an equal footing.  It’s independent of any nationality, ethnicity, religion, or political ideology. 

Esperanto was developed in 1887 and is now spoken in more than 100 countries throughout the world.

Click here to visit Esperanto.net to learn more


The free online courses at Lernu and Duolingo are good places to start.

Those who prefer a physical textbook may want to consider "Complete Esperanto" available here on Amazon.

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This website is meant to give a brief introduction to the language itself and be a quick gateway to the rest of the Esperanto world.

The WV Esperanto Club is an informal group with the goal of learning and speaking Esperanto here in the Mountain State. We aim to meet both virtually and in-person to give new and fluent Esperanto speakers opportunities to connect with each other by organizing social events and by providing an access point to the worldwide Esperanto community.

You can contact us here.