Helpful Links

The following are links to some of our favorite resources for learning and using Esperanto. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so we encourage you to explore and find your favorites!

Learning Courses and Learning Games

  • Duolingo, one of the most popular language learning platforms. Available on the web and as an app.

  • Lernu, the website specifically created for learning Esperanto.

  • Kurso de Esperanto, a downloadable course for desktop.

  • Drops, not a full course, but a platform that teaches words by different categories. Available on the web and as an app.

  • BaBaDum, not a full course, but an image based translation game.

Translation & Dictionaries

  • Lernu's Dictionary, searchable in Esperanto or English.

  • PIV (Plena Ilustrita Vortaro), the definitive Esperanto dictionary, completely in Esperanto.

  • Komputeko, a dictionary focused on computing related terminology, available in Esperanto and English.

  • Google Translate, which can be quick and convenient, but sometimes inaccurate. Suggested to use long phrases rather than single words.

Grammar and Other References

  • PMEG, the definitive grammar reference, completely in Esperanto.

  • Lernu's Grammar, a summarized version of PMEG, which can also be read in English (and many other languages!)

  • Tekstaro, a tool to search Esperanto literature for reliable examples of word usage.

Social Media

  • Amikumu, a location based app for finding language speaking partners.

  • Duolingo Esperanto Learners, possibly the biggest group of Esperanto learners on Facebook, a great place to ask questions.

  • Mia Vivo, a social media website for Esperanto speakers.

  • Twitter, YouTube, Discord, Reddit, etc. also have large userbases of active Esperanto speakers from around the world.


  • UEA.facila, easy articles in Esperanto frequently updated.

  • Vikipedio, Wikipedia in Esperanto, great for learning the words related to your favorite topics.

  • Eventa Servo, a website that lists upcoming Esperanto events.

  • Esperanto USA, the national group for the United States. The website has a bookstore, posts from the magazine, regional groups, and more.